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If Scotland left the Union could Labour ever win again?

The Celtic vote both in Scotland and Wales has long been significant for Labour. In terms of the pattern of party representation ,this is a clear difference between Labour and the Conservatives who in recent decades have morphed into an English Party. The current levels of representaiton at Westminster stand at:



(Total Number of MPs= 59)




(Total   Number of MPs= 40)



The prospect of Scottish Independence has led commentators to wonder whether or not the loss of safe Scottish seats would preclude further Labour victories at Westminster, and would in effect leave Westminster at the mercy of perpetual Tory government?

The New Statesman thinks that future election victories for Labour (without Scotland) would not be impossible but would certainly be more difficult


It’s worth following the ‘complex picture’ link to the Scotsman for more analysis of the nature of the Scottish Vote.

While the FT Westminster Blog has analysed election results since the war and has concluded that even without the Scottish vote the results would have been vastly different.




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