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More Revolting Tories

We’ve mentioned the propensity of the current crop of Tory backbenchers to revolt before, (for detailed analysis have a skim through the posts on the Nottingham University politics blog- if you are interested in the statistics http://www.revolts.co.uk/). The EU referendum rebellion, in October 2010 makes and excellent example. However the size of that rebellion (itself a post war record) could be dwarfed if rumours concerning the scale of the proposed Tory rebellion on gay marraige, as covered in today’s Guardian are to be believed. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/jan/17/cameron-backbench-revolt-gay-marriage

This piece is not only interesting in terms of rebellion, but also because it eludes to the nature of the Conservative Party’s DNA and the fact that social conservatism on the backbenches is still alive and well even if socially progressive Tories dominate the front benches.  Making it a usefulf reference point for Unit 1 as well.



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