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Scottish Referendum

Alex Salmond is currently outlining the mechanics of the referendum on Scottish Independence, the news tonight will no doubt cover this in depth (Newsnight BBC 2, 10.30pm) and the papers will make good copy tomorrow.

But in brief outline:

The referendum will take place in autumn 2014
The Scots will work with the Electoral Commission to ensure the referendum is fair and the government in Westminster to ensure that it is not subjected to legal challenges
The question will be ‘Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?”
If the consultation process suggests support for a second question on Devo- Max it will be investigated.
It is intended that 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote, and the SNP will push for it.
Salmond also discussed how Scotland will behave as an independent nation- referencing membership of the EU, the continued role of the Queen as Head of State and the removal of Trident from Scottish waters.

I will post further links on this as it is not only hugely important to Unit 2 on Constitutional change, but for the democracy topic in Unit 1 (referendums are a key element of the democracy topic and if 16 year olds are enfranchised that too will have an impact on the nature of democratic deficit in the UK).



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