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Cameron’s Authority

David Cameron has had a rather difficult few weeks- the Health and Social Care Act 2012 is a woefully unpopular piece of legislation, Osborne’s budget has been criticised- most recently over the cap on tax relief for charitable donations (a policy that appears to be diametrically opposed to everything the Big Society seems to stand for), cronyism appears to be rife in the Conservative Party as the Craddus Affair exposed the ‘Cash for Access’ debacle and top it all off the government caused panic buying of petrol and encouraged unsafe stockpiling of fuel in domestic garages.

All of this adds to Cameron’s unpopularity with his backbench MPs. We know his relationship with the right wing of his party has been awkward (see EU referendum vote October 2011) but as he becomes less popular their willingness to tolerate him begins to diminish.

Peter Oborne in The Telegraph suggests this might be a turning point in Cameron’s leadership.

He states:

“There are only two reasons for the collapse of this Government’s fortunes: the   first is Cameron and Osborne; the second is the decision made in 2005, when   Cameron was elected leader, to govern as much as possible without the   Conservative Party.”





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