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Elections, Parties, Unit 1

H’Angus the Monkey- voting for the ‘other’ parties

Yesterday my set and I were talking about the nature of the UK party system and the fact that how we vote and who represents us elsewhere is different to the nature of representation at Westminster. Our voting behaviour at all levels of elections and our representaiton in second order chambers (EU Parliament, GLA, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly etc.) is multiparty even if Westminster maintains the last vestiges of the 2 Party Order.

These issues are explored in more detail in this piece from the NS- prompted by George Galloway’s anomalous success in Bradford West. It is also worth noting that a YouGov poll in today’s Sun puts UKIP ahead of the Liberal Democrats (Con 32/ Lab 43/ Libs 8/ UKIP 9) if this sort of pattern continues it is likely that UKIP will win a seat in the London Assembly.




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