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Race & Ethnicity, Unit 3

Mexican Immigration

The Economist covers the recent Pew Center report on Mexican immigration. The key pointsare as follows:

1) More Mexicans exited the USA than entered it between 2005- 2010.

2) The reasons for this trend are complicated: Policies- e.g. Aggressive tactics to encourage self deportation play a part as does straightforward ‘deportation’. Equally there are economic factors: the American recession and the improvements in Mexico’s economy- combined with declining population growth south of the Rio Grande.

3) The report goes on to argue that the era of mass Mexican immigration is over for good- therefore the shape of the immigration debate in the USA has changed- he suggests that the future will be a debate about access for highly skilled migrants (a debate already familiar to Canada and Australia) . He therefore suggests that Nativist sentiment (especially in the Republican party) is misplaced.

4) Romney’s ‘hardline’ on migration- especially in the debates against Perry will cap his Hispanic vote- Michael Tomasky suggests at around 31% (well short of Bush’s record 42%)

This is gold dust for the Race and Ethnicity paper- which could well feature a question on immigration.


Other recent articles on the Republican position (good material for voting behaviour in the Elections) on immigration can be found at:





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