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Prime Minister & Cabinet, Unit 2

The Cabinet Reshuffle

David Cameron reshuffled his Cabinet this afternoon. With several high profile scalps and demotions this is arguably the biggest assertion of the PM’s power over government thus far. Needless to say the online editions of the broadsheets and magazines have already produced enormous amounts of copy on this story.

Here are some of my favourites so far:

Apologies for the truly demonic photo of Jeremy Hunt at the top of this one… The New Statesman has an excellent piece looking at both the extent and limitations of the PMs power in relation to his reshuffle


For those of you who like your statistics the Guardian data blog has a series of charts that compare the composition of the current cabinet with its predecessor- you can find out how many women, Oxbridge graduates or new MPs are currently in the cabinet in one pretty diagramatic place!


And finally, if the names Grant Chapps, Chris Grayling and Owen Patterson don’t mean much to you (Yet…) the BBC has a series of short biographies on each Cabinet member.


No doubt there will be more analysis of these moves in tomorrows press…






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