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Election 2012

There have been so many articles published during the last 24 hours on every possible aspect of the US elections.

Here are some of the articles that I have enjoyed the most:

If you want to look at some electoral stats the Washington Post is an excellent place to start

they also have an excellent piece comparing the 2008 result with the 2012 outcome:


Obama’s owed his success (at least in part) to the unswerving loyalty of the Hispanic vote. The importance of Hispanic votes to the Democrats is discussed in the Guardian.


The Republican party’s attempts to build a winning electoral coalition failed in 2012. The party was too male, too old, too rich and too white to succeed. The Economist discusses how the Republican party can achieve electoral success in the future.


What Obama will do with his second term has also been the subject of discussion. If you prefer to listen to your news the Guardian politics podcast could be an excellent place to start. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/audio/2012/nov/08/politics-weekly-podcast-barack-obama

The wall to wall coverage of Obama has made it easy to forget that 1/3 of the Senate was up for election on Tuesday as well: the Economist has an excellent summary of the Congressional results.


Direct democracy was also at work in America on Tuesday as 172 ballot measures were put before 38 states- issues such as legalisation of cannabis, gay marriage, the death penalty and tax were all put before the electorate. The Guardian has an excellent summary: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/nov/06/us-state-ballot-initiatives-marriage-marijuana

And finally if you are board of 2012 its worth casting an eye forward to 2016. The New Statesman and its concept of ‘Team Billary’ is probably the best summary.




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