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Ethnic Minority Voters 2012

The outcome of the 2012 election could be determined by the electoral preferences of minority groups. The African American population in America has supported the Democrat Party since they became partr of the New Deal Coalition in the 1930s. In 2012 it is not whether or not African Americans will vote for Obama but whether … Continue reading

The Debate

Romney clearly won the first Presidential Debate but one strong performance will not be enough to resurrect his faltering campaign. The impact of the debate and Romney’s short lived revival in the polls is discussed in the following two articles. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/08/romney-debate-bounce-real-but-fading?INTCMP=SRCH http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/oct/07/henry-porter-obama-romney-debate/print

Lib- Lab: A match made in heaven?

If recent trends in Third Party support continue, Vernon Bogdanor’s prediction that the winning party will need 86 seats more than the party that comes second to form a majority administration. This raises the spectre of another coalition in 2015- if so will the Liberals get back into political bed with the Conservatives ( a … Continue reading

The hollow centre

Many political scientists believe that the key to electoral success is to position yourself in the ideological centre because most voters are naturally inclined to position themselves in a moderate position. The New Statesman questions whether or not all of our political parties have failed to follow the electorate to the centre of the ideological … Continue reading

Labour’s Ideology

Ed Miliband has actually managed to make a speech that the media thought was good. I don’t think I thought that I would ever have the opportunity to type those words but yesterday’s offering from the Labour party leader seems to have gone down very well. Miliband’s speech was not a tour de force of … Continue reading

Embrace your inner geek- does image matter?

Ed Miliband seems to have come to the conclusion that rather than suggesting he is not a policy wonk he should embrace what the rest of the world has known for a long time.., This attempt to embrace substance over style was unveiled on the Andrew Marr show at the weekend. This piece in the … Continue reading

Labour’s Economic Policy

The Political Parties topic in Unit 1 requires you to understand the nature of party policy and how these policies compare. Probably the most important area is economics- most elections come down to the old adage of ‘it’s the economy stupd’ and 2015 is likely to be the same. Ed Balls made his keynote speech … Continue reading

Obama= Reagan

This is quite a long article but it is definitely worth reading. This piece from Newsweek is comparing Reagan and Obama. Although this superficially seems to be a futile exercise the notion that Reagan is a seminal President for the Republicans and that Obama could become one for the Demcorats is significant. This piece has … Continue reading

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